about me

I like  power of Photography  to investigate reality, explain the world and, at the same time, answers to the human need for beauty and peace.

The place we live look human altered landscapes and the shape of towns. Images taken with film medium-sized camera, strive to talk about a deep and suffering beauty. The goal is an intimate vision more than a report. A collection of human feelings described through the images of the places we live.  Most of my photos also really old are part of this main collection. ( in 2010  same title is given to a retrospective Selection of Photographs of Robert Adams Photographer, no mistake )

Blue Highway is a five-week journey across the US on secondary roads inspired by a travel journal written by William Least Heat-Moon. It result an album of over 100 landscapes photos.

In 2016 I’ve stop shooting photos as professional and start a new journey in information technology.  Coding is for me new, interesting, complex language; but  love for formal beauty is still there.

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